Refresh vs Renew

Your kitchen doors, panels, drawers and plinths make up an extensive portion of your kitchen design.  Changing these components can breathe
new life into the look of your kitchen.

If you are happy with both the design of your kitchen and the integrity of the cabinets an entirely new look can be achieved with a huge range, of frontages and panels
we can supply and fit.

There are cost benefits too, as the structure of the kitchen remains largely untouched.

It may also be an opportunity to remove a cabinet and replace it with a pan draw unit or remove an open-end wall unit that seemed a great idea some years ago.

Replace to sell?

House buyers often scrutinise kitchens in both functionality and looks.

The kitchen is seen as a large project and therefore cost and buyers are looking for something that they can “live” with for a period of time. Homes with dated kitchens are often viewed and dismissed by potential buyers due to the perception over this room.

A simple frontage change could unlock the potential of your home if you are thinking of selling.

Please do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate to refresh your kitchen.

Want to know more?


We pride ourselves on crafting contemporary, traditional and modern styles. Here at Joinery and Interiors we do love to be challenged and when you have a vision outside of those styles we have the skill and capability to enable that vision to be a reality in your home.

Time with Us

Our collaborative style encourages our valued customers to invest time with us, not only during the design period but during the manufacturing process of your hand crafted personal project before it is delivered into your home. We have found that this openness and transparency gives you our valued customer maximum confidence and allows ‘late’ requests to be accommodated in a timely fashion.